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Comparative 3D-Microanatomy of the Central Nervous System in Coleoid Cephalopod Hatchlings

3. Graduiertenforum der Fachgruppe Morphologie der DZG, Wien, abstracts: 44

Authors/Editors: Haszprunar G
Heß M
Publication Date: 2010
Type of Publication: Congress Contributions and Posters

After hatching, cephalopod paralarvae interact with the environment under the control of their sense organs (e.g. eyes) and their highly developed central nervous system. Interspecific differences concerning size, internal organization, and developmental stage of the CNS lead to differing integrative capabilities and behavioural patterns. To learn about interrelations between structure, function, adaptation, and evolution we acquired 3D structure- data of the cephalopodium of 3 coleoid cephalopod species (Loligo vulgaris, Sepia officinalis, Octopus vulgaris) with light microscopic resolution.

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