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Marine biology field trip to the Mediterranean sea at Banyus sur mer

Every second year the field trip for marine biology of the workgroup Haszprunar takes place in Banyuls-sur-mer in southern France. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar and PD Dr. Martin Heß 16 students are introduced to all fundamental marine habitats.

There is much snorkeling and sample collection and suntan lotion is mandatory. The ship-based trips are an annual highlight. In small groups the students obtain proficiency in faunistic knowledge, taxonomy and in the art of fixating the various animals and plants. The laboratory work and also lodging and catering takes place in the traditional station of the Laboratoire Arago of the University of Paris.

The current appointments for preliminary talks and debriefing can be found in the News section.

Fundamental knowledge about marine biology is eligible. Therefore we recommend the lecture “Einführung in die Meeresbiologie” im Wintersemester.